The engineering specialist that makes
property development projects easier
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As a specialist and key player in commercial property development, APRC offers 360° support based on technical requirements, precise and transparent pricing, and innovation at the service of sustainable, responsible and cost-effective construction solutions.

Commercial property development
which reconciles
the city dweller & the consumer




For APRC, logistics is a major lever for territorial dynamics. Each of our strategies aims to respond to societal concerns (e-commerce, proximity and speed) through premium property development and last-mile logistics platforms with high technological and environmental added value.

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Property development chain :
the fewer the links, the more solid




As a general contractor recognised for the quality of our work, APRC offers comprehensive support that reduces the property development chain to a minimum. Your single point of contact can select the best land, liaise with elected representatives and stakeholders, manage the administrative file (notably the ICPE), put its internal teams of construction engineers into action and ensure that deadlines and budgets are controlled.

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What makes us different


Construction engineering specialist: a builder’s DNA.


APRC originated from an engineer’s desire to offer a scientific alternative to the traditional general contracting approach. This engineering approach permeates all the support stages that APRC offers its clients.

A structured project method

The experience of APRC’s teams combined with the expertise of its technicians provides the foundations for a project method that constantly adapts to the circumstances of the site, drawing on the experience of APRC’s teams as logistics operators.

The technical expertise to incorporate your objectives

However complex they may be (temperature-controlled/negative-temperature/tri-temperature warehouse, factory, clean room, commercial space, head office, retail, etc.), APRC has the internal technical experts to be able to provide a precise and effective solution.

Guaranteed permanent assistance

From your brief to delivery and maintenance, a single contact person will support you to give you peace of mind, from the construction site to the running of your building.

A transparent and cost-effective approach
Mutuality of interests and win-win solutions form the basis of our ethics.

Our processes are always characterised by transparency.

This guarantee of transparency ensures the unfailing commitment of our teams to quality, optimising procurement, reporting margins and meeting deadlines.

What we do best


Specialist in commercial property development

All trades, one contact person.


As a commercial property developer, APRC makes quality the key to the profitability of your investment.

Recognised as a major player in the market and referenced by key clients, investors and users/operators, APRC manages all the essential stages of your property development, logistics or commercial project:

  • research and selection of land,
  • connection with municipal, intercommunal, departmental and regional authorities,
  • conceptual, technical, environmental, urban planning and feasibility studies, etc.
  • making it possible to build and financial engineering,
  • and if necessary, maintenance and operations via its logistics experts.

Because the general contractor is above all a conductor.

Your single point of contact unites our integrated teams of experts, specialists in each stage of the construction chain, architects and structural engineers, BIM managers, environmental and energy engineers, construction economists and project managers.

What we specialise in



A unique take on logistics


Anticipation, adaptability, scalability


APRC’s teams are constantly developing the concept of logistical efficiency by aligning changes in consumption patterns with the adaptability of buildings, anticipating processes to ensure that the adaptability of platforms is integrated from the design stage, and monitoring technological and regulatory issues with a focus on the environment.

A global approach


Recruited based on their experience as logistics operators, APRC’s teams have created logistics campuses and platforms, business parks and commercial spaces that are now considered benchmarks because they were designed and built by their potential users.

APRC’s experts are directly involved in the efficiency of your property development strategy and take this global vision into account at a very early stage of the project, so as to incorporate all of your technical, financial, social and societal requirements as early as possible.

Our work